Promoting social and environmental responsibility

"Sustainable development means pioneering game-changing avenues of growth. It entails the ability to promote and embrace forward thinking policies, facilitating their rigorous interpretation at all levels of each project's value chain."

Gemina is a catalyst of open, multi-disciplinary exchange among public authorities, private sector decision makers, industry players and advisors, as well as high-tech companies sitting together at the table of innovation.
Its collaborative initiatives bring together industry partners and competitors alike to share innovative concepts and best practices in their implementation via multi-channel communications programs that amplify the community's experience.

Work with us on policies, methodologies and technologies:

  • Future Cities Working Group: meet with public and private sector decision makers striving to promote smart city development, (join SDWG discussions at DECSummit);
  • Gemina channel partners: join forward-thinking construction industry players at Gemina Hub, to facilitate and accelerate the transition to greener, energy saving and automated buildings, for efficient, environment-friendly, smart cities;
  • Trail blazer think-tank: liaise with technology pioneers developing integrated home automation solutions and state-of-the-art systems leveraging ICT and artificial intelligence to drive sustainable development in all vertical sectors.

Blogs 2020: going green in the era of AI

Promoting circular economy

Productronica 2019: circular economy

DEC 2018: Lord Barker, UK Minister Energy

Catalyzing independent, industry-wide initiatives